About Us

We are event people. Not florists or caterers, club promoters or party planners.

We get it. We know how to create and execute events. Memorable, strategic events. Events that tell stories, market brands, position new products, and resonate with target audiences.

Our design work is not only stunning but it also always has a purpose. We approach each project as an exploration into the company, brand, or product and its relationship to the target audience. We focus on the needs, goals, and aesthetic — which guides how we design the event platform. We bring in technology when and where it makes sense within a design and content philosophy that is focused on making our clients look good. Really, really good. We take on one-off projects but where we truly thrive is in our long-term relationships. Regardless of project scope, we support all our clients with the same level of creativity, attention, and thought. We’re a full-service agency that provides whatever kind of service our clients need, from simple AV for a single event to a full-scale, multi-million dollar production (and everything in between).

who we are

We are a team of producers, designers, strategists, coordinators, writers, programmers.

Join Our Team

Mia Choi

Chief Creative Officer

Sneha Bhatia

Executive VP Experiential Production

Aaron Levinthal

Director of Production

Justin Boone

VP Creative Strategy

Melissa Mahon

Managing Director

Tracy Castagnoni

Executive Producer | NY Office

Michael Chen

Executive Producer | LA Office

Anna Greer

Producer | NY Office

Jesse Neal

Producer | NY Office

Anna Kiser

Producer | NY Office

Stephen Greenwood

Producer | NY Office

Bryce Bermingham

Producer | NY Office

Jackie Holmes

Tradeshow Exhibit Manager

Sara Grossman

Jr. Producer | LA Office

Lindsay Kushner

Prod Development Mgr.| Social Media Mgr.

Emily Henson

Sr. Coordinator | NY Office

Chaurley Meneses

Coordinator | NY Office

Ka’ili Kaneali’i

Coordinator | LA Office

Becca Mularkey

Coordinator | NY Office

Nicolette Keohane

Coordinator | NY Office

Thoa Hynh

Coordinator | NY Office

Haley Hartner

Coordinator | LA Office

Nic Moalli

Interactive Producer

Ahad Subzwari

Interactive Project Manager

Arianna Lebed

Creative Director | NY Office

Ashley Raymond

Art Director | NY Office

Ben Knox

Art Director | NY Office

Kutlu Unalir

Assistant Art Director | NY Office

Megan Rhoden

Assistant Art Director | NY Office

Francisco Diaz

Assistant Art Director | LA Office

Shannon Belozerova

Graphic Designer | NY Office

Jessica Ritter

Associate Strategist

Brendan Hendry

Director of Finance

Cameron Mo

Associate Controller

Aura Clark

Accounts Payable Specialist

Sari Stifelman

Office Manager